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Mutual Aid

One of our core principles is to run Rooted based on the concepts of mutual aid.

Mutual aid is solidarity-based support where communities unite against a common struggle. They take on the responsibility of caring for each other rather than leaving individuals to fend for themselves. Aid is offered in a spirit of solidarity and reciprocity, with a larger aim towards liberation and progress for all.




Mutual aid isn’t the same as charity, which usually features a hierarchical structure, one-way relationships between charity givers and recipients, and requirements that need to be met in order to receive help.


In a mutual aid model, there are no conditions on who receives help and everyone is seen as equal, with people working cooperatively to meet the needs of all within a community. In essence, charity responds to the effects of inequality, while mutual aid seeks to both meet material needs and address root causes.

Mutual aid firmly believes that everyone has something to contribute, though these resources may differ, and everyone has something they need, creating symbiotic relationships.

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