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Who can join?
Everyone is welcome – we would love to see as many people enjoying the garden as possible. Some people come to learn about gardening, some come because they don’t have their own growing space, and some of us are there for the social aspect. Whatever the reason, we would love to see you.

Do I need any experience to help in the garden?

No, not at all. We are all learning and sharing as we go. Some of our group have lots of gardening knowledge,

and some of us came with none. We are all learning together.

Do I have to pay to come to the garden?

There are no charges or membership fees at all. 

When is your next meet-up?

We meet up every fortnight, and as the growing season picks up we tend to add in more meet-ups. We are also happy for people to work, or relax, in the garden in their own time; we just ask that people come to one arranged meet-up first.
Visit the Meet-up page for dates.

What should I bring to a meet-up?

We suggest you wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in, sensible shoes, and bring a pair of gardening gloves if you have them.


If you have specific accessibility or mobility requirements, you might wish to bring any gardening aids you might need.

We are planning to invest in adaptive tools but currently, we don’t have any.

You might also like to bring a snack and drink as we don’t always have access to kitchen facilities,

and we are a 10-minute walk from the nearest shop.

Is there a toilet at the garden?

The garden is located at Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre. Sometimes the centre is opened up during our meet-ups – with toilet and kitchen facilities available at ground floor level. However, the centre is not always open when we meet up,

so we cannot guarantee toilet facilities.

I have specific accessibility requirements, or might just need some extra support. Can I come to the garden?

We welcome everyone and anyone to come and use the garden and we’re always happy to help, but please note we are not medical or mental healthcare professionals so please bring a support worker, friend or family member along the first time you come if you think you might need one to access the garden. We are trying to make the garden as accessible as possible – read more here:

Can I bring children?

Yes, we love having people of all ages in the garden. Children under 16 MUST be supervised by their parent or designated carer at all times whilst at the garden, regardless of whether volunteers or members of the public are there as well.

What do you do with the produce?

Produce is made available at our regular meet-ups free of charge, or for a donation, (no questions asked). We are also working with local businesses and charities to share our produce more widely in the local community.

Do you have social media?

We have a Facebook page and group:  

or search ‘Rooted Chippenham Community Garden’
We are also on Instagram: @rooted_chippenham

I have spare equipment, plants, seeds, etc. Can I donate them?

We love donations! Just drop us a line at
or via our Contact page:


Or contact us via our Facebook or Instagram pages to check that we can use what you have.

How are you funded?

We have received some money from grants to get us off the ground, and donations are a valuable

source of funding for us – be that adhoc, or in return for produce and plants that we grow.

We are also working with local businesses to generate income from our produce.

I have another question.

Drop us a line at and we will get back to you when we can.

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