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What's Happening on the Plot? August 2021

To say that the last few months have been crazy is a little bit of an understatement.

Things have gone from me tentatively reaching out on Facebook for like minded people to putting together a Community Interest Company so that we can work as a Social Enterprise for the good of the Chippenham community AND being on the verge of signing an agreement for our first parcel of land. My head is spinning!

It’s such an exciting but busy time. In late July Vanessa and I visited Middle Ground Growers in Bathampton. Hamish who runs the show was extremely welcoming and gave us the lowdown on how he went from half an acre to his current set up and the successes and failures he’s experienced along the way. It was so encouraging to see his incredible set up, if a little intimidating, and gave Vanessa and I lots of food for well as food for our kitchens!

If you’re ever over that way I can honestly say that the honey and apple juice were some of the best i’ve ever tasted.

Vanessa and I have also been meeting with other local community groups to see if there are things we can collaborate on. Zero Chippenham very kindly invited us to do a little presentation on our plans which seemed very well received and we are meeting with Chippenham Men’s Shed soon to discuss all things raised beds.

I encourage you to give both of these excellent community groups a visit online. The work that they do is inspiring.

But I think the biggest thing that has happened this month is that Vanessa and I have been joined by the exuberant Nikki Capp. To raise funding as a Social Enterprise for things like the 38 bulk bags of compost required to cover the area to the side of the Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre we needed to have three directors. Vanessa and I approached Nikki as we know she is as passionate as we are about climate change, sustainability and community and were beyond thrilled when she agreed to come on board.

Nikki’s enthusiasm, lust for life, and the fact that she seems to know everyone on the planet, makes her the ideal person to transform our duo into a trio and we are all looking forward to working together.

Left to Right Vanessa Davey, Nikki Capp and myself, Rebecca Beach

The next steps in our journey are as follows:

  • Sign an agreement with Wiltshire Council for the use of the land at Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre. Provided the agreement is signed in time we will be looking to prepare the plot for winter veg. It will require a big push but we are confident we can do it.

  • Set out our growing plan for winter/spring

If anyone would be interested in getting involved in any of our work days which may include shifting compost/planting seeds please email us at and we will keep you in the loop about any opportunities to lend a hand.

Similarly if you would like to be updated on our progress email the above address and use Mailing List as the subject.

We are proud to be starting this journey towards a more sustainable, regenerative, less wasteful Chippenham and we hope you will come along for the ride.

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